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The Fully Digital "EAS" Advantage


Stop pesky and embarassing false alarms
with faster more intelligent digital technology.


The advantages of our EAS system is that it utilizes fully digital electronics that have Automatic Gain Control (AGC).

This makes a world of difference!

The AGC is an automatic adjustment procedure the system performs once it has been installed.

During the procedure the system adjusts itself to the surrounding environment, blocking out all electrical noise that may hinder the detection performance or cause false alarms.

This doesn't not occur with "analog systems" or half digital, half analog systems.

Some manufacturers advertise digital electronics but their systems are actually half digital and half analog. These systems do not possess as high a degree of self-tuning or filtering qualities.

Some manufacturers use completely analog EAS systems. The analog systems possess absolutely no self tuning and minimal filtering capabilities. This forces the owner to manually tune the equipment which can be time consuming and frustrating. They also have a higher false alarm rate.


If you find your system is prone to false alarms then it may be an older analog system.

Newer digital technology is far faster and more intelligent.

With digital signal processing and AGC our system can better adjust to the environment and ignore electronic noise virtually eliminating those pesky false alarms.

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