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Retail Theft Prevention - About Us


Retail Theft Prevention specializes in
Electronic Article Surveillance antennas and deactivators
that are easy to install and maintain.


Retail Theft Prevention (RTP) is a manufacturer of retail security systems that use the latest Radio Frequency (RF) technology.

These types of systems are often referred to as electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems.

We offer complete security packages including the Radio Frequency antenna, tags, and deactivators.

All of our products are designed with the first ever, easy to use, "Plug and Play" design making each unit self installable.

They are quick and easy to set up requiring no technician or tools.

All of our products also include our unique Rapid Repair Service for all repairs and maintenance issues. Rapid Service means you know your long term cost up front. There are no wait times for technicians and no expensive or unknown servicing costs that can escalate.

Our easy to use "Plug and Play" design combined with our Rapid Service program and affordable price points are what makes our merchandise security systems the system of choice for many retailers throughout the world.



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