"Easy Self Install Design"

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"I am very pleased with the product and the outstanding customer service.

The antenna unit was very simple to install and I was able to do this on my own.

The customer service is excellent and I was able to have my questions answered quickly.

T. Hyde



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A selection of self installable antennas - easy to set up and they work!


Why install an Antenna?

An antenna is installed at the store entrance and contains a Radio Frequency electronic circuit board system that detects any electronic security tags or soft labels that pass by the antenna. When a tagged item passes by the antenna an alarm sounds warning you that a tagged merchandise item is leaving the store without being deactivated or removed at your checkout counter.


Retail Theft Prevention designs
EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) antennas
to fit your needs and your store decor.


All of our antennas are quick and easy to set up with "Plug and Play" design.

Used in combination with electronic security tags

our antennas reduce store theft.


Antenna Designs

The Phantom

The ONLY 3D tag detection design

  • The one & only 3D glass mounted detection system
  • 6 times better detection than "walk-by" designs
  • Highly effective cutting edge technology design
  • Handy top mounted electronic circuit board

The Sentinel

Cost effective, versatile option for small stores

  • Versatile quick snap advertising display system
  • Space saving single antenna system
  • Cost effective - provides security and boosts sales
  • Handy top mounted electronic circuit board

The Mirage

For the most discerning decor

  • Good looking crystal clear acrylic design
  • Easy to install "plug and play" circuit board design
  • Modern stainless steel base with aluminum border
  • Becomes part of your decor

The Guardian

Engineered to be economical and effective

  • Uncomplicated simplicity but effective!
  • Slick aluminum frame design
  • Reliable state-of-the-art RF electronics
  • Truly affordable