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ZAPP Security Tag Deactivators with easy install and fast service


What is a security tag deactivator?

A security tag deactivator is an electronic device used to "deactivate" soft labels or paper tags at the check out counters. It is usually mounted under the sales counter or near the sales checkout. The deactivator is connected to a "pad".

Simply pass the product to be deactivated across the pad with the EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) tag facing the pad. This quick and simple motion allows the EAS tag to be detected and allows the connected deactivator to deactivate the tag.

When the deactivator is connected to a bar code scanner instead of a pad, the deactivation process is automatically done with the scanning motion.

Once deactivated a customer's purchased item may leave the store without being detected by the EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) system located in the antenna at the store entrance.


ZAPP Deactivators with "Plug and Play" design
guarantees your system is NEVER down.



ZAPP Security Tag Deactivators with "Plug and Play" design

What makes our Zapp Deactivator the easiest and most cost effective deactivator on the market is the unique "Plug and Play" design that requires no expertise or tools to install or uninstall.

Any non technical person can easily snap the Zapp deactivator board into place.

The Zapp "plug and play" design also makes servicing the units through our Rapid Repair Service Program incredibly fast and efficient.

The "Plug and Play" design in combination with fast Rapid Repair Service guarantees that your merchandise security system or checkout counters are never down for long periods of time.