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The antenna unit was very simple to install and I was able to do this on my own.

The customer service is excellent and I was able to have my questions answered quickly.

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The Phantom - 3D "walk-into" design


The next generation in anti shoplifting security system antenna design
featuring the ONLY 3D glass mounted detection system.


The world's most effective EAS antenna

The Phantom is a glass door mounted dual antenna design. This means the electronic antenna is fixed in a glass door offering an antenna that physically moves around the target.

Customers "walk-into" this 3D moving antenna rather than simply "walking-by" a stationary fixed antenna.

This 3D design outperforms all fixed "walk-by" antenna systems giving 6 times better detection of labels and tags leaving the store than any other system on the market.

The "walk-into" design protects the entire store entry and exit from top to bottom, side to side.

The "walk-into" door design also does not take up precious retail floor space.




Why a 3D design is more effective

Even though the Phantom uses the same electronics as our other designs, the design of the Phantom offers unrivaled benefits.

Instead of being a fixed "walk-by" unit it is a "walk-into" system.

To exit the store, a customer must push the door open.

The physical motion of opening the door forces the customer's body and any tags closer to the proximity of the antenna.

As the door swings open and closes behind the customer, the Phantom continues to seek tags in almost a 360° rotation, surrounding the customer with tag seeking detection. As the door opens the orientation of the antenna to the tags changes, giving the antenna a greater opportunity to detect the tags and labels.


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