"Plug and Play Design"

What our customers are saying


"I am very pleased with the product and the outstanding customer service.

The antenna unit was very simple to install and I was able to do this on my own.

The customer service is excellent and I was able to have my questions answered quickly.

T. Hyde


Retail Theft Prevention - EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System Products

An EAS anti shoplifting retail security system must consist of 3 components:

  • 1. Electronic Antenna(s) - to detect tags and labels exiting the store
  • 2. Deactivator and Detector Pad- to deactivate labels on purchased products
  • 3. Electronic Tags or Labels - attached to your products

(EAS stands for "Electronic Article Surveillance system")

1. Electronic Antennas

Designed to fit the most discerning decor

  • "Plug and Play" design for easy installation
  • Unique designs to fit every decor
  • Dependable & effective radio frequency electronics
  • Self adjusting for superior detection range

2. Deactivator and Pad

Easy to use... easy to install

  • New App Electronic Deactivator & Pad
  • "Plug and Play" design for easy installation
  • Perfectly integrates with current electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags, labels and antennas

3. Security Tags and Labels

Designed to fit your products

  • Hard Tags
  • Soft Tag Labels
  • Ink Tags
  • and more...