"Snap Advertising Display"

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"We just finished installing the Sentinel anti-theft system in our store and I am very happy to say that it works just as you said it would!

We installed it ourselves and it was very straight forward and easy to do."

T. Carnelos - Sentinel owner



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"Easy Self Install Design"

The Sentinel - easy snap advertising display


A single antenna system
turns your retail security system into a powerful sales tool.


The Sentinel is a single retail security antenna system featuring an advertising display design.

This design allows you to perform two tasks at once - advertising and merchandise security.

Use the ad space to promote store events, individual products or even your web site.

Using the ad space you can Increase your gross sales by 10%.

A single Sentinel will guard one door and detect hard tags in the range of 3 feet on both sides of the antenna.

This makes the Sentinel extremely cost effective for small, single door stores or wide mall openings by using multiple Sentinels.

All electronics on the Sentinel are top mounted making them easy to access and install.

Easy Snap Advertising System

With marketing posters in place, the Sentinel becomes a seamless part of your store's branding and will dependably identify thieves in action.

Displays posters 17" x 54 3/4"




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