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"The Hard Tags with Pins and Lanyards are just the thing. Also the cinch Hard Tags work very well for the hammers and fishing gear.

I cannot wait to see

how much we will save by doing this.

Thanks again.

K. Boisvenue - Tag owner


To catch a thief

(as seen on ABC news)


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Retail Security System Tags that deter and detect theft


Why tag your merchandise?

Having your merchandise tagged with the proper EAS security tag is an extremely effective theft deterrent because potential thieves recognize the tag and it makes stealing more difficult.

Security tags also detect any thief taking an item out of your store. The electronic security tags set off an alarm as they pass by our antennas.

But please remember that choosing your security system tags is the most important step in building your merchandise security system. The right tag means everything! It even affects the antenna performance.


We're here to help you find the right tag for your products.

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All of our tag and label designs are compatible with Checkpoint, Knogo, SenTec, Keytec and other Radio Frequency systems.

We have a large selection of tags of all types, sizes and shapes. Below is a small sampling of our tag selection.



Versatile Hard Tags

Our super strong large hard tags provide the best protection for the largest variety of products.

When used with attachment pins or optional lanyards these tags will have your products covered.

All hard tags are supplied with attachment pins.

When you combine lanyards with our hard tags, they become suitable for protecting luggage, video cameras, purses and more.




Paper Thin Soft Tags or Labels

Soft Tags are paper thin self-adhesive tags that are used to protect hard good items. They are simple to attach and serve as excellent protection for video tapes, books, cosmetics and pharmaceutical or boxed merchandise.

Soft tags come on rolls and are available in a variety of styles, frequencies and sizes to fit your needs.

At the check out counter soft tags are quickly and permanently deactivated with the use of our ZAPP Label Deactivator.




Use our detacher to detach pins of all types and sizes from hard tags. It will release the attachment pin quickly and easily every time.

This device is extremely durable and is reliable.